Monday, October 19, 2009

The Content's fine, but Intent is King!

“Intent is a powerful force; it isn't your will, it is more like a focused current of magnetic energy, drawing you towards what you wish to create. You cannot command it but you can initiate it, invite it and prepare yourself for its actions in your life.” — Heather Ash

Just try and google 'Content is King', and you will find 109,000,000 results. Sure, good content is important and makes a consumer/customer decide whether to engage further, whether it is a website, a newspaper, a product or a service. But it is the intent which actually creates the design for a certain type of content to fit in. For example, if the intent is to start something that benefits others, one would start a charitable organisation. However, if the intent is to benefit others as well as ourselves, one would start a profit making enterprise that caters to public demands/ needs. But if the intent is to benefit selfishly, one would tend to get involved in wrong practices and eve crime to serve those ends.

In short, intent defines the purpose and creates the road map or pathway to your destination. It answers the question 'What is it that you want to do?' as against content, which answers the question 'how will you go about doing what you want to do?'

Consider the following: -

1. While focusing on content determines its quality, the true worth of the content is determined by the purpose it fulfils. For example, people who spend less don't necessarily enjoy less.

2. Whenever we communicate with someone, we carry out a quick-check of his/her intent, up-front, which becomes be the fulcrum on which our future communication turns.

3. Most conflicts happen because the parties involved limit themselves to the content of their communication rather than the intent. Remembering to turn into the intent rather than getting stuck in the content when one or both are not open to learning, will keep conflicts from escalating into fights.

4. Even the focus of internet search is shifting from content to intent.

If leadership is about right action that inspires others, intent can be thought of as pre-action. We all have feelings we don’t act on. Conversely, we have actions we didn’t think much about (and there’s healthy and unhealthy varieties of impulsive behavior). But somewhere in the middle, towards the beginning, is our intent, and the intent remains valid (and admissible in a court of law, as premeditated murder makes clear), even if an action is carried out.

For leadership to bear fruit, it has to be accompanied by the right intent. This is because the intent lays the design of the effort which defines the content. If the content is a result of the right intent, it will inspire more and more people to follow the intent (cause) and give them a sense of purpose as well. If the content is the result of a malicious intent, it will further drive the intent of the followers towards similar behaviour. Doesn't this explain how, despite all efforts, corruption in many countries has almost become institutionalised and refuses to be controlled?

Intent is the mysterious force that activates your capacity to create what you desire — to draw you towards your goal by accessing the support and resources to achieve extraordinary results. Intent is a force opening unseen possibilities in order to help you manifest what you most desire.

Claiming your intent is a powerful journey that opens internal possibilities and new insights into how to be more authentic and effective in all aspects of life.

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