Friday, October 16, 2009

In a ‘hurry-sickness’ world ‘Trust’ accelerates in currency

Fast is the new slow. We wait 30 seconds in a drive-through for instant coffee and berate the tardy service. We press ‘express’ on the microwave and 14 seconds later curse the slowness of the technology. We careen through the air at over 700 kilometres an hour but bemoan the time taken. Evidently, many of us are time-poor. And this comes with a cost. The casualties in this rapid and rabid paced environment are all too often our relationships. In this new, nano-paced, I-want-it-now world, the ‘speed of trust’ has become intensely important. So how do you build swift trust? Prominent consultant Charles Green argues there are four essential elements; credibility (what you consistently say and have said about you), reliability (what you consistently do), intimacy (how you consistently make others feel) and what he calls self-orientation (who you are consistently thinking of). Interestingly, he suggests that only one element requires an extended timeframe; reliability.

I contend that relationships, influence and trust are critical to ‘difference making’. My question then, I’m curious, what do you do to build trust?

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