Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Percpetions of you are alive and well, what percpetion do you leave?

I'm organising the speaker's program for an Association conference. This Association is a long standing client of mine and one that I support with volunteer contributions as I believe in what they do and stand for. I wanted a social networking expert to speak at the conference and a female expert was recommended to me by a colleague.

I Googled this expert and it appeared that she was indeed a social networking expert, so I called the mobile number clearly listed more than once on her website. It seems she doesn't really want to work as a conference speaker or she doesn't understand customer service or she is just plain arrogant. I actually believe she is just plain arrogant.

To my surprise, the voice mail message I got when I rang the number which appears on every page of this "expert's" website went as follows " I can't take your call right now, don't bother to leave me a message, as I'm too busy to clear voice mails when I'm teaching, send me an email or why not Tweet me". I chose to leave a message "You've got to be kidding".

Does this woman really want business? If she is too arrogant to condescend to clear a voicemail message and make such an effort to call me back, then she obviously doesn't want to work. At least that's my perception!

Think for a moment what perception do your prospects or customers get when they call you and get your voice mail? Are you leaving the right impression?

Call yourself now, how would you react to your voice mail?

Kind regards
Lindsay Adams

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