Monday, November 16, 2009

Be Fired Up

Want to turn your business into a cauldron of innovation?

Then BE fired up!

Moods and emotions are contagious. Do something each day to keep yourself
energized, enthusiastic, optimistic – ready to innovate!

Leaders set the tone in an organization. People look to their leaders for clues as
to how they should spend their time and energy. If you are narrowly focused, others will be too.
If you seem downcast and weary, that feeling will spread throughout the organization.

Delegate your work so that you have some time for recreation. Take an interest
in the world around you. You live in the same world as your customers; what is
happening in it? Paying attention to emerging trends will provide ideas for new
ways to help them.

Meet new people, for example by attending networking events. Expose yourself
to the diverse perspectives and beliefs that new acquaintances offer.

Go to more seminars; not just the ones that are directly relevant to your regular
field of activity. Engage your curiosity and stimulate your mind by exploring other domains. Actively listen and participate, with a determination to discover
something of value to you.

Visit new places. Travel exposes you to new norms, and it makes you question
your assumptions about the way things should be done.

Read more books, and broaden the range of subjects that you read about. Find
some interesting podcasts that you can listen to while you drive, wait or exercise.

When you widen your field of view and see new possibilities, you can inspire others to make a difference.

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