Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Have a vision

If you want to make change, you must be able to explain WHY you want it and why others would want it too. An inspiring vision for the future motivates you
to try new things in order to achieve it, and elevates your work above the daily

Businesses often lack an overarching vision. A former lawyer puts
it like this:
“As a bright-eyed young lawyer joining the profession in the early 90’s, like many
of my colleagues I had grand ideas about making a difference. We soon
discovered that there was no bigger inspirational picture to buy into, or, if there
was, it was paid lip service in deference to budgets and billing. So it was no
surprise that many of my colleagues slipped into the competitive malaise of
focusing on their promotion prospects and individual bonuses. It is equally no
surprise that the term “passionate lawyer” is close to an oxymoron. It is hard to
be inspired by a pure profit motive.” *

This would apply to many other types of business, not just law.

Everyone in the business needs to understand the strategy; where the
firm is headed. Share this information; don’t keep it a secret. Otherwise, how can
your people make suggestions that will move the business in the right direction?

Do you have a vision or philosophy? Do you believe in it? Does it excite you?
Speak from the heart and let your enthusiasm show, to help people buy into your vision.

*Andrew Hughes, Team Building: Establishing a new playing field

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