Sunday, December 27, 2009

Learnings from the movie 'Avatar'

James Cameron may have taken 15 years to translate his thoughts into the movie 'Avatar', but the movie's release has been well-timed. In the post-recession era when the market forces are slowly gearing up to create more demands that can justify more spending, which will lead to liquidity and wealth creation, there is need for a different kind of perspective towards life other than wealth creation.

I watched this movie with my wife and daughter on Christmas, and was completely mesmerised at the learnings that could be drawn from the movie. I would like to share them with you all.

1. Select a person for his extraordinary potential; do not write him off only because he doesn’t have ordinary attributes.

2. Man’s quest for probing the space outside himself is governed by his ineptitude to manage the space that is provided to him, so that it is sustainable for all.

3. Man alone is mere mortal – it is only when he submits himself to become an effective channel of flow of cosmic energy does he enable himself to perform greater actions.

4. Sources of energy/power are meant to be preserved/ treated as sacred, and not to be abused, exploited, exhausted.

5. To lead them, become one of them in the true sense.

6. To lead you must first be willing to learn, follow, endure, improve and then overcome stiff competition at the top.

7. Unless you emotionally connect with the people whom you are trying to impact, you may go very wrong with the change you want to make – they may not actually need it.

8. It is in the strength of finding common purpose and communicating it effectively across divides, that you will gain strength enough to pursue it.

9. Once the common purpose is identified, and all the available resources have been garnered, do not waste any time thereafter – just go for it. Along the way, your bold actions will attract more support from unexpected quarters – suddenly you will find alongside, people whom you never thought would join you.

10. When planning any campaign, plan to outwit your adversary/competitor by combining expertise, teamwork, innovation and finding gaps in the adversary’s/competitor’s defenses.

11. The more mankind ventures to sustain itself, the more it impinges upon the space meant for others, the more the necessity to accommodate everyone’s needs; ultimately, the story remains the same – the fight between your Greed and their Need.

One more thought before I end this post. Greed is perhaps a necessary evil – it boosts you to venture further, deeper across new frontiers to seek new bounties that can be life sustaining and wealth producing. But in the bargain, Man is disturbing the delicate balance that is the essence of all creation. In the end, will it be worth the Greed?


  1. We saw the commercial for the opening of the movie Avatar and found it intriguing. Now I know why. Since your post here, Navinder, I'll be able to watch it with more clarity when I see it. Thank you for more awareness. :-)

    Kellie Frazier
    dot com

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