Thursday, December 31, 2009

Value idle moments

Amongst life's helter skelter, let's value "idle hours" - those moments of "not doing". Idle Hours is the name of a current exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra, Australia. You can visit online at until 21 February 2010.

These idle hours are moments of "not doing". They are not nothingness. They are "unremarked moments that punctuate our lives" like reading, finishing the dishes, taking tea, dozing, a daily swim. These are the quiet times that make up "the stable warp of the fabric of our our lives".
They are moments that are easily dismissed as wasted, unproductive, empty. Yet they can be moments of reflection, refreshment, a space to disperse thoughts.

While writing this (by hand) is not one such idle moment, once finished, my locale invites pausing. My temporary office is a park bench in the shade of a huge tree in the Old Parliament House Gardens (Canberra). Nearby is the Ladies Rose Garden. The roses are in full bloom - reds, yellows, white, pinks - and carry delicious names like Red Pixie, Scarlet Sunblaze and Just Joey.

This year I'm going to identify several offices around town to escape my computer, enjoy different surroundings, sustain a productive day. This will vary by season.

For now, this is a top spot for both idle and productive moments.
What and where are your favourite idle moments?

Ann Villiers
Mental Nutritionist

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