Sunday, December 27, 2009

Webinar 12 Jan 2010: The Planck Scale of Leadership - The Essence from which all Leadership Arises

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This will be a brief look at the essence of real leadership... the source of leading from one's self and with others. It is a look behind the tools of leadership (the formulas for success and the how to lead principles) to a place where all leadership within people begins. AND, as with the quantum world, the essence and power is found by looking within.

Summary about the webinar
  1. That no individual can lead anyone until they first understand how to lead themselves.
  2. That when goes deep within themselves, they will find their true core values and purpose.
  3. That when core values and purpose are realized, one finds their bridge to the divine and to each other.
  4. That there is a process for becoming "aligned" with our true self and the making of choices that truly matter.
  5. That there are concepts of reality and thinking that can influence how we create our own world view... the lens from which we interpret and see the world.
  6. That our thoughts do matter and can create realities and impacts.
  7. That there is a difference between reacting and responding when it comes to leadership.
  8. That leadership is not a science but a way of "being".
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