Monday, January 18, 2010

Seek many answers

The twice-Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling said “To have a good idea, you first need to have a lot of ideas.” The challenge is to generate lots of ideas, lots of possibilities to consider, rather than stopping when the first "good" idea is put forward.

Pressure of time means that people are usually looking to "tick off" or "check off" an item and move on to the next challenge or task. So problem-solving becomes a perfunctory exercise, not an exercise in creative thinking.

Whenever you ask a question, the first answer is likely to be something that other people have also thought of. To come up with an original idea, you need to persevere with the challenge.

When you ask a question, people may think it is a test, or that there is one "correct" answer. As the leader, you need to make it clear that you do not personally know the answer, and are looking for a whole range of ideas.

To increase the number of ideas generated, set a target number to be achieved. Ask for twenty ways to solve the challenge – this shows that you are serious about exploring the question. The first ten ideas are difficult to think of, but after that, people start to get more creative, and the ideas get more interesting. More people participate, and ideas are less likely to be dismissed, because they are needed in order to meet the target.


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