Thursday, February 4, 2010

Treat Transitions Like a Bus Ride!

Everyone likes a comfort zone, even leaders!

Last week, after two years of consideration and thought, I finally decided to opt out of the Army after 20 wonderful years of my life there. Along with it, I would say goodbye to a great culture, a way of life that had made me into what I am today.

The fears and insecurity attached with the decision were troubling my mind for all this while. The more I thought about it, the bigger the fears became, often leading to stress and me crawling back to the comfort zone of the military assignment that I was into.

It then dawned upon me, 'Aren't we in a state of transition all the time'?

On a daily basis, our body cells are getting replaced, many of them even simply dying, and leading to the ageing process. We are always transiting through life. Similarly, our lives are moving forward, accumulating on actions and experiences (karmas), and getting ready for more. That too, is a transition, in a karmic way.

Every now and then, our destiny (both destined and chosen) takes us into different environments and makes us face different people, situations and options to exercise. What is it, if not transition?

Think of yourself sitting in a moving bus. Though you are moving (transiting) at a speed, both in time and space, you are stationary in relation to the co-passengers and the bus. Yet, you have the choice to make this journey better, by interacting with the right people, by choosing what to eat and what not to eat, and by indulging in what makes you happy (like listening to an ipod or reading a book).

Motions like career transitions are meant to be taken as a bus ride - a journey that encompasses body, mind and spirit, all in relative motion. The only medium that can be taken as constant or stationary is this world and all that makes this world.

We are meant to experience whatever comes our way in whichever manner and however big/small quantity. Our choices could be many, but they will all involve some transition or the other. But if we choose wisely, in a mindful manner, after recognising our pattern of life and the direction intended, we will generally end up making the right choice that will remove all the fears and insecurities and make the journey an exciting and fulfilling one, just like a bus ride.

It is the understanding of the bigger picture, the learning that you take away from your life experiences, that will make you embrace these changes (transitions) and make you live this life as you ought to - pursuing your purpose!

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  1. Great analogy Navinder ... I am also on the bus. Fasten your seat belts, hang on and enjoy the ride!

  2. Thanks, Maureen.

    As a final word, should we say, that, if there is a great purpose, transitions become irrelevent?

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