Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lack of collaboration = lack of leadership

At the moment the Federal Government in Australia is attempting to take over the running of the health system and the State Governments are resisting. Petty behaviour on all sides is on full display every day in the media. It's pathetic; spin, posturing, huffing and puffing, all resulting in a lack of collaboration which in my view = a lack of leadership. And of course the people, everyone involved is claiming to serve, lose. The same thing happened in the USA. President Obama succeeded but at what cost to the people and in the end will the compromise really deliver the good that was intended!

It seems opposition to government parties all over the world, and even those in the same political party as is the case with the current health system debate in Australia, are driven by self-interest rather than enlightened self-interest.

Real leadership is not about compromise, it is an ability and a willingness to achieve a co-promise and that means we need to leave out our egos and truly serve for the common good.

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  1. What is the current health care delivery system in Australia? Why does the Federal Government need to take over the running of the health system? Does it make sense?

    President Obama had made more valid points about the US situation when he wan't in the WH. He managed to sign the Bill but its full impact is unpredictable /unknown.

    Do you ever think about joining an elected-office!

  2. Thanks for your post I get more done by not be in elected office!

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