Sunday, August 1, 2010

When Dreams Become Real

Dreams are a funny thing. When I grew up I knew what dreams were and I, of course, found great comfort and joy in both my dreams and daydreams … maybe too much comfort at times for I dreamed and daydreamed a lot. And as I was growing up, I recall being told countless times that dreams can come true if one believed in them enough. I liked thinking that and yet, deep within my mind, I never believed that my dreams could or would come true.

MY DREAMS were of my knowing every language in the Universe and having the ability to speak with anyone at any time in their own tongue, or of knowing how to play perfectly every instrument of music in the world as well as having the ability to play any piece of music my memory or by merely site reading it. Of course there was also the dream of becoming someone who would make a real difference in the world, but that dream was always a bit hazy and unclear even though it felt so good to see me in my dreams doing something of great value to others. But deep down I knew that these were more fantasies than dreams and instinctively I knew they were not real and would never happen. I was wrong.

This is an introduction to a short series of posts about “When Dreams Become Real”. It is a true story as it is my story. I think it could easily become your story about making your dream become real.

And out of curiosity, what do you think your life would be like if you were actually creating your dream every day?

I now sense I was right when I was younger, that there is a difference between a dream and a created fantasy. I have learned that a dream is something that one has deep within their core spirit. It is something that is akin to knowing one’s purpose in life and though we instinctively have hints and glimpses of that dream as we live our lives, it is never clear until we take a leadership journey deep within ourselves to discover our deepest core values and eventually our purpose in life. When we decide to take this perilous “Journey to the Center of our Spirit” we will if we work hard enough and are determined enough, find the foundations for how we can by our choices, become fulfilled and energized every day. And best of all, we will discover the direction our choices need to take us if we are to become that which we were born to be.

Making Dreams Real

So the next series of articles will be about making our dreams a reality. They will be about finding joy and meaning for our lives each and every day. They will be about changing our lives from merely reacting to life thus repeating the same kind of day until we become trapped into a cycle of sameness and meaninglessness, into one of creating something new… of responding to life in a way that makes our lives full of wonder, purpose, and most of all… meaning.

These will be of my story but it could be yours if you choose. Of course it is my hope that you too will choose to embark upon this journey of self discovery. And if you do, I suspect you will find what I have found… sheer amazement and wonder at the higher levels of joy, passion, and energy that has been within us since our creation – an energy just waiting for us to become aware and to create from.