Monday, October 11, 2010

Interconnected (literally) for a day

Yesterday's Leaders Cafe webinar marathon for the World Day of Interconnectedness, which featured Ian Berry and a number of members of the Differencemakers Community, was a fascinating experience on a number of levels:
  • Having the opportunity to hear ideas from speakers located in spots as diverse as Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Kenya, England and the US. Even more countries were represented in the 24-hour continuous webinar event, although I did choose to sleep, eat, and spend a little bit of time with my family while it was happening.
  • Seeing the stamina of our friend and colleague Kwai Yu, who manned the controls for the entire 24-hour duration. Kwai was able to contribute content in between some of the speakers, keep things rollicking in the chat window during the webinars - and all while experiencing some fairly significant sleep deprivation. I hope you had a good rest last night, Kwai!
  • Experiencing the dynamic when an event seeks to push the capabilities of technology and its users, tossing the mantle of leadership back and forth from Kwai to the presenters, and orchestrating entrances and exits without inadvertently kicking anyone off the webinar or crashing the system.
  • Acquiring the product of such substantial learning. The content shared by the presenters provided enough fodder that you'll be seeing it over the next few days and weeks here and on my own blog. Thanks to all of you presenters for being so generous with your knowledge.
Creativity and energy can be stimulated by a number of methods: reading, taking a class, engaging in planning, etc. This was my first webinar marathon, and while I'll be processing the ideas - so much to absorb - the gears are clicking along. Stay tuned.