Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2.2 Billion Imaginations

2.2. billion is the approximate number of children and young people in the world. That's a lot of imaginations to light up.

Imagine it, the glow of 2.2.billion lit up imaginations, just for a second

Imagine…every child has access to cultural learning as part of their education from birth onwards - stories, literature, music, drama, dance, visual arts, museums... In this way every child has the ability to grow, see things from new perspectives, comprehend humanity, be socially included themselves and, ultimately grow their own creative abilities. Why is this so critical?

In the Five Literacies of Global Leadership (2007), the futurist Richard Hames foresees that, ‘The future belongs to a very different kind of leader with a very different mind and very different values: those who can create and connect; those with compassion; story tellers and meaning makers’.

Creativity is a critical skill or competency for navigating the new world during the so-called ‘age of austerity’. Creative and cultural education - focussing on the arts in all their forms, communication, observational, performance and making/creating, collaboration and appreciation of diversity and heritage – will be the key to developing collaborative communities capable of innovating, dealing with the world’s unprecedented volatility and navigating the future.

Nurturing creativity is critical

Yet cultural learning continues to have a relatively low profile in school/national curricula and its incorporation into the currculum is ad hoc, often the reserve of schools with teacher-leaders passionate about cultural learning.

Should the profile of cultural learning – the arts and intercultural understanding - be raised to sit alongside literacy and numeracy?

How can we better prepare our young people for the challenges of the 21st century?

What is the business world and economic climate already telling us about the skills and competencies required to lead the future to make it a brighter place for the 2.2.billion and their children?

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