Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dare you create a newspaper of YOU? You can do it now online free. Absolute revelation!

I think is going to redefine social media (if it survives its embryonic beginning). I have just created my own newspaper online - The Kwai Yu Daily. takes its feed from what you have posted and those you follow on Twitter and Facebook - and create a newspaper from all the updates. When you see it like that, it absolutely gives you the best impression about the company you are keeping. Here are the questions that dawned on me
  • How good are my own content?
  • How good are the content given out by the company I keep?
  • How remarkable is my OWN paper?
  • How long would my OWN paper survive the circulation?
More importantly, what does the paper say about ME? ...... and here's the Kwai Yu daily on 11th December 2010.

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