Friday, December 10, 2010

5 reasons why making the impossible possible is the coolest way to grow

I met Ronald Ligtenberg yesterday. A brilliant Dutchman who founded the skywayfoundation. An organisation that is dedicate to making the impossible possible.

Ronald's journey started when he was challenged by his sister to do more with his 'cool' life as a music lover. He took up the challenge .. and still wanted to remain a cool dud! So he began thinking about bringing another purpose to his life whilst remaing cool ... and that's when it struck him.

"TAKE ON SOMETHING IMPOSSIBLE ..... " thought Ronald - 'now that would be seriously cool'. And that's exactly what he did.

He decided to organise the Deaf Valley event. A music event for deaf, hearing impaired and hearing teenagers. Yes, you heard it right. A music event for deaf and hearing impaired. This took place in the club Nighttown, in March 2003. Ronald and the team organised all kinds of 'happenings' that give the audience different sensory awareness of the music they were experiencing, from;
  • spraying scents for different aspects of the music performance - smell the music
  • providing ice creams flavours that evoke a certain mood - taste the music
  • standing on a large vibrating floor that vibrate to the music - touch the music
  • dancers who 'sign-danced' the words to the music - see the music

People responded enthusiastically to this music event, and so Skyway Foundation was born. Skyway Foundation began to organise more events like Deaf Valley. It has already happened several times in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Mexico, Jamaica, South Africa and the United States. More than ten-thousand people visited these events.

From making one impossibility possible - Ronald has now created lots of possibilities to tackle more impossibilities! Making the impossible possible is challenging of course. However, the fringe benefits are so cool because making the impossible possible
  • gives a great sense of fulfilment. That's what happens when you are on purpose and following your passion
  • helps you to develop your authentic self ... and to be yourself and be who you are all the time ... now that is very, very cool indeed.
  • fun (that's cool too)
  • grounds you in curiosity - you have to continue to learn if you are to succeed (this kind of learning is cool)
  • nurtures and grows your creative (creating things is cool - look at Apple)

In short - when you tackle the impossible ... you become I'M-POSSIBLE.

I take my hat off to Ronald Ligtenberg for being another shining example of someone who knows what it takes to move from Knowing to Doing to Winning.

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