Saturday, January 22, 2011

To stem the rising tide of inequality... ACTION

I was reading comments from an article posted on the topic of the increasing gap between equality and inequality in the world. There were many wonderful ideas and opinions that were shared yet there seemed to be something missing within the many threads of the discussion.

What was missing was the simply our need to act.

Of course, it is one thing to state the need for action and quite another to know what action is best to take! For example there are thousands of people throughout the world creating “actions” to help reduce the gap between the rich and the poor yet the gap between equality and inequality in the world is widening at an alarming rate. So what should we do?

One type of action is through creating new laws, new proclamations, more non-profits and businesses to transfer “things” and money to those who need it most, books written, research undertaken, and government “watchdogs” expanded. This is the prevailing model and all are extremely important.

A second type of action is teaching individuals, organizations, businesses, families and public servants how to think differently, especially how to create new realities and world views. It is also critical that each of us understand that we have the power within ourselves and with each other to find our way upward. For even among us large inequalities exist.

Notice that I changed from speaking about “them” to speaking about “us”. For if we do not deeply believe that we can change our lives and create our future; then we cannot help those who are struggling to survive in the world. If we do not absolutely believe we can create a new future for ourselves, we will be unable to truly help those who are struggling to survive. If we do not believe that we can change our reality, then all of the actions of the first type will be for naught.
This is the type of action that is needed most right now in the world.

We must not be lulled into looking outward for something to save us. We must learn to look inward and tap that power that can create new lives and realities. It is not a “we can do it by ourselves mentality, rather it is a we can do it together though combined individual thoughts, beliefs, and actions. If we each believe we can, then by our individual actions, together we will change our world.

Both type of actions are necessary, but the second type is the most critical if we are to become more than we are today. Even with the best laws and organizations, we will not be able to stem the tide of poverty or inequality if the “have less” in the world do not believe in themselves and their own ability to make a difference and create their own future.

Of course most of us are choosing actions to help change the world. Yet we must constantly ask ourselves if the actions we are taking are truly making a difference in the world’s inequality or is it just a good business where we feel good yet in the end nothing has really changed. We must constantly question ourselves and our world view and not presume we have the answers, for the moment we think we do, we become part of the problem. We must find ways of empowering people to build from the energy and power within them that which they need… and we must find ways of getting this empowerment and knowledge to those in the world that do not have the funds to go to one of our programs or buy one of our webinars. We must ask ourselves if we are truly making a difference, and then have the courage to act in new ways in order to bring about the change we wish to see in the world.

The world can become more equal in each of our ability to live lives that matter and have meaning. But it will take action, not words.

May you all, by your actions this day, truly make a difference...

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