Sunday, March 20, 2011

Are we paying the right kind of attention?

    Hello friends,
     I've stepped back from the frenzy of 'making it happen'. I've turned down the pressure of performance, getting out there, and stepped back from the belief that man-made time-lines and dead-lines are the real A list. I've had enough spamming, scamming, begging, and mixed dealings to make me feel like the wild west is back!
      We're being catapulted and roller-coastered through imaginary time warps and fast talk, short speak, and marketing blitzes that excite us, super charge our imaginations and create massive flushes of new enterprising, some of which will catch the jet stream of popularity while others fade away because the measuring stick of today finds them falling short.
       Laying a foundation for the future is an honorable goal that requires deep and timely thought. It is an art. It is a craft. Something more than a top techie toy and trailblazing new portal. A healthy, strong foundation is a living form that will sustain the becoming of future evolving generations and requires the elasticity and innate intelligence to foresee solutions that temper catastrophe as well as aide survival, internal and external, of life.
      The foundation needs to be rooted in the fluid now rather than the commercial now.  A healthy foundation comes with the insight of wisdom with humility and conceives realities from the future back to the now and not from the now into the future. It will embrace a larger existential vision of universal order and unfolding.
    What is different about this current behavioral pattern compared to the social modification pattern that grew me up and made me an information-abiding citizen? Information changes but the patterns are still the same.We are repeating history, not changing it, we are wearing new clothes and using different equipment in old ways. We still advocate massive information intake, high consumption and group associative participation. The medium is still the messenger which is still the end result and we remain cliques-identity based junkies.
     I learned 'scientific' theory and systems recognition, etc that I was assured were accurate. I had my doubts about a lot of it but obeyed the status quo, learned it, even passed it on to others who 'trusted' me, only to learn twenty years later it was untrue. However, I wouldn't have earned my social stripes and citizen worthy status and social worthiness without learning and regurgitating those false theories and figures. I wouldn't have gotten a great job without the brand name of the classy university I went to. What about you?
      I was moved when the Japanese officials interrupted their government business to stand and bow to the Japanese people and ask their forgiveness. I was moved by the medium of the message, the bow and the  stark silence. The humility. The shame. The absolute need for internal reflection. While it remains a travesty that we still require untoward crisis to cause us to remember we are supposed to be creating societies that support life in all its diversity but systematically fail and fall short. As citizens we are enablers of this massive social injustice because we know it is dysfunctional and corrupt. How deeply sad it is to know that we must create tragedy to trigger the awakening of our conscience. 
     Are we paying the right kind of attention as human(e) differencemakers or are we chasing the game called 'making a difference'?
     What if you stopped moving for a moment, took a deep breath and let it enter into your being-stream that you came into this world with the 'difference' already in your dynamic human system. You are the who/what/when/where/why difference. What if you allowed yourself to really listen and co-respond to those inklings you get, the voices that say something like , 'whoa, wait a minute, that doesn't ring true, that doesn't sound right, something is outta whack, I smell a rat, not quite clear...", what if you seriously believe that you know what you think and your thinking is coherent? How would it shift your view and understanding of the world around you?
      Real consultants consult. They ask you to step back, broaden your field of vision, notice what it looks like different point of view. They exercise your innate capabilities and allow you to remember how to apply elements to the fluid now. They embrace the idea of speaking sincerely. Fearlessly. They reacquaint you with your self and allow you to work from a state of benign integrity, in safety and freedom of your own value system that is inherently eco-sustainable. They  truly are the midwives of healthy enterprising, personal, professional, public, private: after all, it's all you. When you know you're in trouble is when they have you on speed dial, charge by the quarter hour and arrive late to meetings.
     We've been in the new bombastic information age for a hefty 20 +years, lots of massive intellectual property and angel wealth spent on building the new tinker toy techie generation while educational competency plummet - and I mean the capacity to cultivate the mecca inside our skull cap and yet we have no craft of conscience. What's cooking? What are we paying attention to?
    With all the billions of dollars gifted to end hunger and poverty why are more and more people homeless and hungry? Why does the slave trade, pornography, pedophilia, drugs and addictions still top the charts? Why does the military sneak drugs into the country in military body-bags? Why has self help become an 'industry' instead of an art? Why are the rich still emulated and considered the special ones? Why are we still enabling corporate greed and perhaps even longing for its insider benefits?Why does 1% still hold 99% of the wealth? You get the drift.
      Why does a 3,000 year old Buddhist temple survive an 8.9 quake and tsunami as modern buildings crumble? What dynamics are we too busy ignoring because it's more fun to search portals and 'share' on Facebook?
     It appears we keep our feet steady in two opposing troughs and therefore null and void ourselves out. There are deep, socially ingrained, and highly degenerative beliefs about being human that roar within concurrent to the deep belief that we have the knowledge and capabilities to rebalance the planet and bring an eco sustainable world into reality. Stepping into one trough tempts the ongoing battle between what we believe are 'the good and bad within', another strong poppycock tale we pull out when excuses are needed.
   We cannot create a healthy world with our two feet in contrasting beds of existential reality.
   What are we paying attention to?
    What are our true priorities?
    What really motivates us?
     I bet that if you truthfully answer these questions you will discover something like a timetable, when you turn the juices on and when you shut down or shut off or shut out, you'll find a well ordered laundry list of what you really care about and what you don't, you'll even see how you're keeping tabs on the competition and yourself, winner, loser, invisible, even alien. You'll find out that you've never chosen many of the things you do nor have you ever investigated them in terms of their utility and benefit to the world. You'll even discover the layers of calloused skin you've formed to keep the deepest secrets out of sight and mind. You'll also discover your conscience and find out how remarkably vital and proactive and earnest she/he is. Best of all, you'll start remembering you, liking you, and you'll willingly let go of the trappings that don't fit.
     Yes, you'll have to formulate the new, authentic ones that have an elastic language pattern because they know they will evolve with cultivation of the craft. Creating the eco-sustainable is a craft not a commerce and in order to create it we must also be eco-sustainable beings.
     The newborn comes into this world understanding it as a fluid now and interacting with it as an eco-sustainable conscience.
      We need to reclaim that birthright.

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