Thursday, March 24, 2011

How book publishing and selling has changed - how I bought Garr Reynolds' book The Naked Presenter

Yesterday I bought Garr Reynolds' excellent new book, The Naked Presenter. I'm an avid reader, so buying books is no big deal, right? So why am I blogging about it?

Because the buying process was so different than normal.

And yet, I think it's going to become the new normal.

I'll explain ...
  • I'm a big fan of Garr's other book Presentation Zen (I even created a video book review for it).
  • I follow Garr's blog Presentation Zen, which is full of high-quality content (which is important - otherwise I would have unsubscribed)
  • His blog post today mentioned the new book.
  • Because Garr had established trust through his first book and his blog, I knew the new book would be fabulous. And I didn't even need to read book reviews, read a sample, or anything like that (although those things would have been easy if I wanted them).
  • I clicked through to, where I could buy the print edition for US$15 plus postage (and a long wait for delivery); or the Kindle edition for US$9.99 (and instant delivery). No contest! I chose the Kindle edition.
  • I don't have a Kindle. But I do have the free Kindle app on my Samsung Galaxy Tab, so within minutes I had the book in my hands! That's the picture you see here.
I admit this is not the way most people buy books ... yet! But I strongly believe it's going to be that way soon. If you're an author, are you ready for this shift?

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