Thursday, March 31, 2011

Leadership - Only Part of Creating Change

We are learning through the study of Quantum Physics that the "cause and effect" mentality we have grown up with is far from actual reality.

We have known nothing but the concept of cause and effect and it has seemingly served us well. Yet, now it has become a hindrance to understanding the role of leadership to creating change. Today, if there is positive change that has taken place, it must have come from an individual (leader) or group of leaders. Then in our rush to discover out how they did it we read their books, try to understand their thinking and do our best to imitate their actions into our own lives. For clearly, if can duplicate their methods (cause) we too will be able to create a similar result (effect). Unfortunately we are learning that the actual assumptions of what created the change may not be correct.

In short, the quantum world is teaching us that the only real things that are important are relationships. And though it is true than individual actions matter, individual actions by themselves are just a part of an overall convergence of relationships in the universe. The concept that by our own actions, we can change the world is obsolete. We can have IMPACT by our actions and we cannot participate in the universal play without action or thought, but the results that will be created will be in combination with billions of other actions known and unknown throughout the universe. The sooner we realize that our actions are intertwined with the actions of everyone and everything else, but closer we will be to understanding how to sustain ourselves in a universe that is chaotic and unpredictable.

Nature has always given us the sense of how things actually work for it is only those things that sensed the changes occurring around them and were sensitive of the relationships affecting them that have been able to adapt and change in order to survive. Those who blindly went on their way with the classic “what has been working has been good so far so why change” attitude have perished.

The other fascinating thing we are beginning to understand is that those things which have adapted and sustained themselves throughout all the changes, may look different from what they once were but at their core, the fractals making up their true essence are the same. This too has great learning for those wanting to understand leadership in today’s world. The lesson here is that what we are at our core (personal or corporate values and purpose) will stay intact even though what we do and our outward appearance may change.

So when thinking of leading in the world, remember that it is not just what you think and do that will have impact, but how your see and respond to the relationships that are affecting your every move. Those who become aware of the relationships within departments, management teams, families, competitors, and the world around them will have the best chance to survive. Sensing change from the relationships and choosing to adapt is critical. And with this knowledge comes an awareness that there are no “leaders” in the classic sense. There are only relationships.

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