Monday, April 18, 2011

Dr. Shine: Making a Difference Shining Shoes.

Edward Hallowell's book captured my imagination which is why I have ordered a copy - "Shine: Brain Science, Practical Psychology, Ancient Wisdom and the Cycle of Excellence." Then I read a short introduction in Change This which I just had to share here because it is so relevant to us all as Difference Makers.

Hallowell went to get his shoes shined at Boston's Logan Airport. "Name's Dr. Shine", said the shoe shine guy. "Step right on up into my office," offering Hallowell a seat on an old chair where he could put his feet on the brass shoe plates. The (edited) conversation went like this:

"You in the corporate world?" Dr. Shine asked.
"Sort of," said Hallowell. "I'm a psychiatrist and a writer in the business of trying to bring the best out of people."

Dr Shine...looked up at Hallowell and smiled. "Well ain't that a coincidence. You see, that's what I do, too! I shine shoes, but what I really do here is work my special magic to find the spark inside people so when they leave me they can shine on their own."

"How do you do that?" asked Hallowell eagerly.

"I reach out," he replied with passion. "It's that simple. But I gotta be quick, cause I only get as long as a shoe-shine. My goal is to change lives one shoe-shine at a time............I got an advantage, you see, because I'm down here. I'm beneath them, so they're not afraid of me. I'm nobody to them. I'm just the shoe shine guy.........."

Hallowell changed the title of his book to "Shine" after he met the shoe shine guy.

And you have to go and read the rest of story yourselves. It is just so poignant. Here is the link in Change This: