Thursday, June 2, 2011

Has the World Changed While You Were Looking the Other Way?

I recently took my nephew and niece to see the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition at our local Cottesloe Beach. This is an annual exhibition, which started in Sydney in 1997, and has been in Perth since 2005. I remember visiting it in its early days in Perth, and it's certainly grown a lot bigger and better since then.

When I've mentioned it to various people in the past few weeks, I noticed there were two clear opinions about it: Some people were interested and curious in seeing it, regardless of their past experience; but some others had already decided not to go, based on what it used to be.

Which group would YOU have been in?

The point is, if you were basing your decision on what it used to be like, you would have missed the oppportunity to see what it's like now. For an exhibition of sculptures on a beach in Perth, this might not be a big deal. But when it comes to your business, it could be fatal.

Here are three examples ...

1. Google's search ranking

Google recently made one of the most significant changes ever to its search engine ranking system. It's designed to weed out low-quality content, so it affects all of us who rely on content to bring people to our Web site. If you're doing it properly, it should improve your ranking (for example, my blog traffic went up 25% in the last month, and I'm pretty sure it was due to this change); but if you're doing it wrongly, you'll be penalised.

2. Facebook business pages

Last week, Facebook made the biggest change ever to its features for businesses. If you've only ever thought of Facebook as a personal tool, or have been very careful when using it to promote your business, it's time to change your thinking or you'll miss out on the incredible opportunities now available to you.

3. PayPal

PayPal used to be seen as amateurish and very limited for business use. But that's changed now, and it's one of the most popular payment processors available. It can take orders for physical products, e-books and other downloadable products, webinar registrations, membership sites and even payment plans. Again, if you've ignored it in the past because of its limitations, you're missing out.

Take another look!

I remember my first wealth creation mentor, Paul Counsel, saying something along these lines:
"When you come across something new and there's some resistance, don't say, 'That won't work for me'. Instead, ask, 'How can that work for me?'"
What about you? Perhaps it's time to take another look at the things you've previously examined and discarded.

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