Thursday, July 7, 2011

Where, when, and how do we draw our ethical lines?

I went to a conference last weekend dealing with some powerful technological instruments that were created to aide man in healing imbalances in the body that would eventually allow the individual to become capable of self-regulation and evolvement. Powerful tools. Positive tools. Proactive tools.

Then came the ‘conference stories’ of opportunities, great opportunities, personal bests, small and large miracles, stories that demonstrate successful use of a brilliant tool for the benefit and blessings of the individual. I had my own so I knew it wasn’t hype.

Then, crescendo please, the BIG ONE!  A story about the Olympics in China, testing teams and ultimately eliciting and evoking dynamic responses that dramatically changed training times, cutting up to 5 seconds from standard performance. Wow! You could feel the room shift to the front of their chairs. Yes. More. More.  Well, these changes were induced by altering hormonal balances through ‘frequency enhancement’ and these alterations are undetected in doping tests because the genetic shape isn’t altered, only the number counts result significantly higher than normal, hence it is ‘legal’. Isn’t that amazing! Isn’t that wonderful!

Well, the individual athletes demonstrate significant, radical psychological alterations but, hey, since the performance results are so extraordinary those psychological alterations are ignored. Coaches don’t care. More. Better. Come on, can you even stop menstrual cycles, the coaches asked. You know how that gets in the way! Two deep, suggestive sighs and back to the results. After eighteen-hour days, seven days a week for four months the results spoke for themselves and the illustrious contracts and individual sales followed. Massive. Millions.

My throat went dry. I raised my hand.

“Are you following up to see the long term effects of this induction?”
“Nobody cares.” 
“Does that include you?” I asked.
“They don’t want to know,” I am told.
“Do you want to know?”
“We were there to investigate a possible strategy.”
“So, no, you don’t care either?”
“You need to realize that we got our foot in the door, we demonstrated the extraordinary potential of this tool, and we now have contracts with world-renowned sports clubs and training facilities. This is huge.”

My stomach turned. Nausea skyrocketed.

“So, these ‘lovely, young women” become testosterone ‘bitches’ over night, ‘nobody cares’ including you because the contracts are ‘huge’ and who gives a sh—if these young athletes end up damaged, they lowered their times and had their big chance for the gold, silver or bronze, end of story? Everybody goes home happy. And you sell these tools to the very people who don’t give a rats ass about wellbeing, only performance, only the big bonus for a win, did I get that right?”

“You need to realize….” Party line. Capitalistic line. Necessary sacrifice.
“Can we move on,” an annoyed, female voice bellows behind me.
“No, we can’t move on,” I counter. “This isn’t the first time, it’s the nth time we hide behind getting our foot in the door of great opportunity only to transform it into ego gratification, illusions of grandeur, and personal wealth. There is no greater good here. These athletes aren’t being instructed on how to access and harness the power within, they are guinea pigs and those that are lucky will have 5 minutes of fame followed by the possibility of a lifetime of medical issues nobody cares about because they are ‘out to pasture’, it’s over for them.”

No one cared. Not one person in that room. It was stunning. These are individuals who have read everything there is to read on quantum physics, they quote famous research and researchers, drop names of Nobel laureates and athletes in the past who have used the ‘tool’, and they travel the world in illustrious company. These are people ‘at the top of their game’.

That does not mean they are in peak performance. This does not mean they stand in the tensegrity (tensional integrity) of their humanity. They wear the clothes. They talk the luminous talk. Living ‘off the lint in their pockets’ they say, they went grey and lost their hair in four months to make this historic achievement possible ‘for the greater good’.

And they are not alone. It is rampant in every community at some level. That doesn’t mean everybody, it does imply the vast majority and understandably so, our cultural mindset is replete with euphemistic and metaphoric language that plays to the heartstrings of our souls longings, real longings, authentic heartstrings and honest searching for solutions to the human dilemma.

And, that dilemma is not about making us better individuals it is about freeing us to full potential without psychic and psychological fear of reprisal. I ask you to reflect. Ponder.

We were raised on children’s fairytales but what is the adult fairytale? Fairytales induce our complicity to strange obedience and from there we begin to formulate goals our imaginary heroes would be proud of only to find that we haven’t tapped into that authenticity of the ‘hero’ within so essential to actual success. We’re simply trying to duplicate the win, forget the hero’s journey; that takes a lifetime and our goal is outcome, to be ‘the winner’. 

How can we draw ethical lines if we are ethically imbalanced, which we are, if we honestly research our motives and modus operandi back to their original imprinting?

It will go back to childhood I assure you, you will begin to remember the first times your young mind was unable to find the connection between what you were being asked to believe and obey, and the actuality of your experience. If you follow it fearlessly to its inception you will kinesthetically feel the impact of that forceful request to suspend your authenticity and buy into the story, play by the rules, get the approval of others and reach the promised land, success and reward.

You will remember the day you switched channels. You will also realize that the original channel is still alive and kicking, in fact, it is the force driving you to satisfy the vision passionately beating inside your heart. The challenge isn’t whether we choose to satisfy that vision but once we do choose to have the fortitude not to compromise.

The business paradigm that exists today makes compromise top tier parlance and sets the stage with a well-disguised drop hole dead center. Both parties give up something to get something else but authentic compromise has no drop hole, nobody gives up anything, both parties win full, there is no sacrifice because the compromise is a reshaping of core intent, honing it so that the ‘journey’ to fruition has no drop holes and completion is assured since every dimension has been harnessed to make it possible.

It isn’t only in the business sector, this same style pervades in the private sector as well. There is no real separation, I know we try to keep them separate but even that is illusion, there is no separation between the mind, body and soul, they are integrally aligned, deeply coherent and transparent. If there are discrepancies between how you ‘act’ at home and on the job something is amiss.

 When your child comes to you with their vision do you embrace their eagerness and invention by assisting them to hone that vision and fortify their knowledge base or do you clip their wings, wear them out and blind them with histrionics of the way the real world works and then suggest they lower their sights or begin with something easier? Do you engulf their power and passion with your stories of impossible and improbable or do you give them a fresh piece of paper, sit beside them, and ask them to lay out their vision and encourage them through the struggle, throughout the journey of developing the vocabulary, mindset, skills and tools needed to authentically describe the full design of their intent?

How can we draw ethical, or moral lines if we haven’t taken the journey to find them, if we don’t know where they originate, what they look like and how they work to keep us sane, healthy and empowered?

How can we speak of ethics if we believe in separate realities, public and private?

What are the kinesthetic signals for honest and authentic? What are the signals for insidious, contrived, dishonest and cruel?

How can we speak of ecology and sustainability when our own core ecology continues to be in red alert, at serious risk of implosion and extinction, not because we use it - but because we don’t

Imagine your daughter or son was training for the Olympics and underwent the tests and alterations mentioned above. Are potentially severe health hazards down the road worth the sacrifice just for the chance of a 'win'? The majority would say yes. Do numbers make it alright?


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