Thursday, September 8, 2011

13 key reasons why most change programs fail

The main focus of my business for 20 years has been partnering with passionate people to stop the status quo from sucking the life out of us and to turn possibility into reality.

I conclude that most change programs fail for 13 key reasons:

1. The people charged with making the change happen don’t really believe in it and therefore their work is half-hearted at best

2. The change program is designed to take too long and the status quo wins

3. The expectations are unrealistic

4. People aren’t genuinely appreciated when they do well

5. People are not held to account when they fail to perform as they agreed they would

6. Measurements of progress are poor or non-existent

7. Desired change is actually problem solving which usually means a return to the status quo rather than real innovation

8. Intentions, emotions, and thinking doesn’t change and therefore any behaviour change that may happen doesn’t last

9. There isn’t a real shared-view about why the change is crucial/essential

10. There isn’t a real shared-view on how the change will happen and who will do what, and when

11. Leaders don’t understand all change is personal first, relationships second, and organisations third

12. Leaders don’t personally change

13. Broken relationships remain broken

The presence of any of the above reasons will most likely mean your change initiative will see you go backwards.

There is great news. Address these 13, and pioneering, breathtaking, truly innovative, measurable change, people can actually believe in and make happen, is at your doorstep.

Please check out my change programs here. Assuming an alignment of our values, and a fit between your needs, expectations, desires, and my expertise, possibility could very quickly become reality in your business.

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