Sunday, September 4, 2011

The privilege of our platforms

When Naomi Rhode, RDH, CSP, CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame® was President of the National Speakers Association (USA), her theme was 'The Privilege of the Platform' which I think is very insightful and sadly not understood by many speakers, professional and non-professional, who think it is about them more than the audience.

Speakers or not, just about everyone on earth can have platforms today via blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, you name it, and increasingly through leading our own tribes and participating in others. The possibilities are endless.

Seeing our platforms as a privilege I think is paramount.

Before I post in social media, speak in public or for a client, or engage in whatever way I have opportunity to share my feelings, thoughts, insights, and experience, I ask, will my audience find this of great value? My answer often is no!

I write a minimum of 500 words every single day, usually first thing in the morning. I spend about 20% of my time doing online and in person research. Only a small amount appears here or anywhere else because only a small amount passes my great value test.

Now ultimately only you can be the judge of whether or not what I provide is of great value. I find the discipline of asking the will this be of great value question and always keeping in mind that it is a privilege to share with you, keeps me honest.

Please comment or email me if you think what I provide is of great value and equally if you don't think it is.

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