Thursday, October 6, 2011

Leadership - Overused, Abused and Blurred...

Here I am posting a thought about leadership and I am cringing a bit. Not that I am not passionate about leadership, I am. I cringe, I think, because we (those of us who live and breathe leadership) have gotten lost over the years. For the more I get into the true essence of leadership, I get the clear sense that all of the hype, the sales, the workshops, books and 7 step processes are more about successful business models rather than helping to build better leaders in the world. That is not a bad thing, mind you for I too have a business model that I use to create my leadership training throughout the world. I just think that we get lost somewhere between the hype, sales, and ego and that of truly making a difference for people in the world.

I am finding that the word leadership is sadly overused, abused and blurred to the point where even when one hears the word “leadership” one sees a picture in the mind that is illusion at best.

I was working with a wonderful group of educated, bright and committed career professionals not too long ago when after attending a two day workshop had had developed for them, they admitted they had attended countless workshops on leadership and team-building throughout their careers and NEVER had they had they experienced a concept of leadership that was so deeply personal and meaningful. Never had they been asked to discover their own core values and to ask the tough questions as to whether they were living their lives in each moment in alignment with their values. Never had they thought in a meaningful way as to their purpose in life and how choosing to live within their core values that flowed towards their purpose could bring such joy, passion, commitment and energy in their life.

That was a wonderful moment as they had begun to learn about what leadership truly is and always has been. They saw were leadership is simply having the courage and commitment to be whom one was created to be… that leadership is simply leading one’s self. It is the knowing of what one stands for (core values) and the understanding of the power and joy that comes with choosing to act within ones values and purpose. They began to see the possibilities of finding shared visions and values from their own lives with those of where they worked and from their colleagues. They began to see the ways of finding joy both at home and at work in a way that gave their lives meaning, purpose and best of all joy. They began to learn what true leadership was all about - and it was not what they had been taught before.

When one opens their mind to the possibilities of what can be, becomes aware of how reality is created along with the infinite realities that can exist, and the true power and impact of thoughts, intentions and action; then one becomes open to the infinite possibilities of personal leadership. When one does, they find that leadership is not the managing, administering, or “controlling” events at all. Rather it is the realization of the power within each of us and our ability make real our dreams and hopes. It is leading from deep within ourselves and with others in a way that creates sustainable outcomes that most thought were impossible. It is the power to create lives of meaning and purpose and to change the reality of our world. Leadership is a personal choice.

So what will you choose to do and to be today? More importantly, why?

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