Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Are you leaving a legacy while you are alive?

This weeks sparkenation.

This blog post Will We Cry When You Die? An Open Letter by Author of Start With Why Simon Sinek, stirred my heart and got me thinking. The great legacy we leave is the one others are acting on while we are alive.

What’s your living legacy? And is it making waves?

As Seth Godin says: “In a world of surfers, all you can do is work to make the best wave you can. The real revolution is that you get to make waves, not just ride them.”

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  1. Ian,

    This is an important message that you provide - that what we do is not only for the future but for now as well. It is an interesting balancing act that many of us face. How to devote myself to the present as well as the future?

    For some legacy is all about what you leave behind when you move on. I think that is partly true. For me it is also the waves, which most often may only start as ripples, that you leave create while you are here.

    Just today today I was approached by a distant connection to share some of my thoughts and experience regarding being a consultant. In my plan for the day I had scheduled 'doing something to make a positive difference' for up to an hour. When the opportunity for this conversation then came along it was easy to choose to be in the present and to have the conversation.

    Time will tell if any ripples were created to make a positive difference today. My hope is that they were.

    Ian, once again thanks for your post.