Thursday, November 10, 2011

World Day of Interconnectedness

How connected do you feel to the global family of mankind?

Are you getting a sense that the early stages of a global partnership is underway, shifting perceptions of separateness to oneness?

Tomorrow is an opportunity  for all of us to enhance these feelings, no matter how fleeting or strong they may be. For tomorrow (11-11-11) is the third World Day of Interconnectedness. The theme is shifting from I-llness to WE-llness.

Through your own individual actions, plus participation in any community events nearby, you can express feelings of interconnectedness through acts of compassion. The World Day of Interconnectedness website has a range of ideas on actions and activities, as well as a list of global events  being held.

Being a difference maker requires making connections with others. Tomorrow is another chance to create new connections that will, if only briefly, place focus and attention on the positives of the human family, replacing the negative noises we receive from news organizations, politicians and others.

The 2011 World Day of Interconnectedness may be a raggedy collage of loosely connected events, but so what. A movement towards global interconnectedness has to start somewhere!

What will you be doing to contribute to tomorrow's World Day of Interconnectedness? 

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