Thursday, December 22, 2011

Resources that rock

Employee engagement a key challenge in 2012?
Do the fast employee engagement pulse check here and get a free analysis and my ebook 45 really useful tools, tips and techniques for recruiting, engaging and retaining great people.

Sustainability a focus for 2012?
Sign-up for my fortnightly changing what’s normal newsletter here and download straight away my ebook Differencemakers - how doing good is great for business. Inside are 142 actions for you to choose from to build a sustainable business and make a difference.

Want to improve the influence of your leadership?
Join the changing what’s normal torchbearer tribe here and you can access my 26 sessions over one year elearning course What real leaders do and fake one’s don’t that is one of more than 150 resources inside the life-long learning centre.

For more resources that rock put ceo in the password box here.

May 2012 be your best year yet!
No-BS mentoring that takes you further than you've ever imagined

Avoiding the dis-empowerment traps.


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