Thursday, January 12, 2012

Are you embracing The Blue Economy?

The Blue Economy: 10 Years, 100 Innovations, 100 Million Jobs is a brilliant 1 hour and 24 minute presentation by economist Gunter Pauli. It is one every entrepreneur and every person who really believes in possibility should watch and act on.

You can watch here.

Please let me know about your innovations in 2012. I would love to share your stories here.

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  1. "The Blue Economy- European Edition" by Gunter Pauli is now available on

    The Blue Economy takes readers beyond the obious and aims to wake up the entrepreneur in all of us. The innovations it explores are founded in solid science and demonstrated by multiple platforms. Committed grass roots entrepreneurs worldwide can realize triple cash flow using open-source innovations that create competitive business models. This book will encourage thousands and perhaps millions of us to apply a Blue Economy busines model that will shift us from scarcity to abundance.

  2. Blue economy is not a new idea. In fact all that is clameid to be different is nis not true. Every aspect of the blue economy can be explaied and have been published. The biommimicry and ecomimicry, entropy, ecological economy, system thinking, green business are all gives the blue. The blue is not a new type, just a soup with a new marketing. The models are real the achivements are real but the references are missing. the avaliabilty is totaly missing. The blue economy is calimde to be cheap!!!! This is a bluff!! inorder to kick off a blue business it takes much more initial cost than a normal green solution. The poitn of return is also longer. No cost benefit analysy have been published. No data is avaliabe. The innovators and the compaies from the case study are out of reach.

    The Blue economy is a niche, a good niche market but still a niche. We have to accept that. It would be very interesing if Ms Pauil would wear nettle clothes and not cotton, or eating shitake 6 days a week.