Monday, January 9, 2012

A New Year of Opportunity and Promise

I was pleased to see my former employee, TIME Magazine, name The Protester as its Person of the Year for 2011.
Not that I necessarily agreed with each and every protest movement the world witnessed last year, but more because I was pleased to see multitudes of people rise together in collective action in various attempts to be difference makers in their own corners of the world.

As 2012 gets underway, many are painting gloomy economic and political scenarios for the coming year. Of course, if we all focus on these negative possibilities, imagine what a horrendous immediate future we would conjure and create.
I see 2012 as a unique opportunity where those with confidence and optimism will be poised to make important and significant contributions in the areas they choose.
No, I am not a lily-coated optimist with rose-colored spectacles. But we need not pull political disarray  and the political minefields of confrontation and disunity with us into this year. This can be the year where we tell our current politicians to go home and replace them with citizens willing to collaborate on finding resolutions to society's ills and injustices. The opportunity to do so awaits at ballot boxes across the globe, most particularly in the forthcoming U.S. Congressional elections.
There is also no need to continue the trends of avarice, wasted materialism, negativity, envy, and ecological disdain that have partly characterized the increase in global wealth over the past two decades. We can conduct business and commerce with integrity, fairness and in ways that do not erode the wealth and well-being of others. But, of course, we must individually and collectively choose to do so.
While economies recover, this is an opportune time to reap personal fulfillment from activities outside the business world, whether this comes through family, friends, social engagement, or being involved in matters of importance to our communities, a sustainable world, or humanity in general.
We all start the new year with renewed hopes, dreams and goals. Unfortunately, the majority of these are individual in nature and have personal relevance only. Where are our collective goals and dreams for 2012 and beyond? What are our New Year's Resolutions as communities, societies or even as members of the Differencemakers Community?
In other words, how can we work together and collaborate to make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren?
I start the year without answers to these questions, and thus seek input and ideas from the readers of this blog.
In the meantime, I deeply hope that you each have a great year of achieving your own dreams and goals, while helping others do the same (which is actually more of a blessing and often a greater reward).
After all, isn't that what being a difference maker is all about?


  1. Love the idea of community resolutions, goals, ideas, and your question to the DM community, it's point on and challenging. Since you write on DM site, I wonder...
    What is the 'fascinating core' of this community, is there alignment between that community fascinating core and each of our individual fascinating core? What 'brand' does the DM group express, is there a theme that might be more unifying that 'making a difference' and which brings us together 'in spirited action'? Can we unify our separate professional interests in a way that catalyzes this DM garden into full bloom?
    At this moment, I'm taking an intense screenwriting class organized by ex-corporate consultants who decided to investigate the film industry. Three years of interviews with film directors, actors, producers, financiers and A-list writers to find and articulate the core of what works; what is fascinating as a writer is that my writing meets the core needs of every member of the industry, it must, and it also meets my core need to express my unique voice with words. Until this class, I never saw or experienced this intrinsic unity fed by the screenwriter but it makes sense. Without story there is no film, and without directors, actors and producers there is no film, there must be engagement and it can only be fed by a common fascinating core...
    What do you think?

  2. You ask some great questions Anonymous
    Difficult to engage in conversation with you about them because we do not know who you are as yet.

  3. Thanks for adding your intriguing questions to the discussion. Wish I had the answers!

    Personally I am not sure what the core of this group is, much less how to link to the cores of each individual. Perhaps to discover this we need to separate our "professional interests" from our "community or public service interests." I do not see Differencemakers as another business or social network. My purpose here certainly is not to gain additional clients or business, though that would always be a great side benefit:).

    My purpose here is to help stimulate thinking and ideas on how to make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren, and to offer a helping hand to others who are actively engaged in this purpose.

    Now, how do we, as you so eloquently put it: catalyze Differencemakers into a full blooming garden?