Thursday, February 2, 2012

How to Promote Yourself on YouTube

If you're an eGuru, you need to be on YouTube - no ifs and buts about it! Everybody and their cat is there, so if you're not, it reflects poorly on you.

But don't set out to create the world's best viral video. Start by recording a 2-3 minute promotional video of you speaking to camera, introducing yourself and explaining what problems you solve for your clients and customers.

OK, I know that's not as easy as it sounds! The main problem most people have is that they don't know what to say and how to say it.

So here's a script ...

Here's a simple template for writing a natural-sounding, high-quality script for your promotional video ...
"Hi, I'm [your name], and I'm a [sales trainer / wealth creation coach / whatever you're an expert in]."
"People often ask me, 'How do I [motivate my sales team / invest in the stock market / whatever problem your clients have, in their words]?'"
"I [have a membership site / run a two-day workshop / have written a book / whatever] to answer this question ..."
"... because I know what you really care about is [your team meeting their targets / creating security for your family / whatever big purpose they have], not [managing people / buying and selling shares / whatever the immediate problem is]."
"What makes [me / this course / whatever] different is that [each salesperson gets individual coaching / I'm the only wealth creation coach endorsed by the Australian Tax Office / whatever makes you different]."
"I know this stuff works, because I [have a Masters degree / have been doing this for 12 years / have worked with over 150 clients / whatever experience, expertise or education matters]."
"For example, a recent client [tell a success story ...]."
"I love [turning average workers into stars / helping ordinary Australians achieve their dreams / whatever you're passionate about.]"
"If you'd like to find out more, download my [special report / audio progam / whatever] at []."

OK, it's your turn...

Copy this template, fill in the blanks, turn on the camera and try out the script. Don't expect to get it exactly right on the first take, but you might be surprised just how easy it is.

When you're happy with it, upload it to YouTube, and copy the YouTube video to the home page of your Web site.

Credit where it's due

This article is based on the "Show Your Face" chapter in my book "Fast, Flat and Free". The book describes this process in more detail, with a couple of additional examples, so you have more samples to choose from. I also share some tips to improve the quality of your video when you record it.

Find out more and buy the book here.

At a higher level, it's based on a concept called the Positioning Matrix, created by my friend and colleague Matt Church (and used with his permission). It's useful not just for videos, but also for networking events, sales letters and Web sites.