Monday, March 25, 2013

Why Must You Lead?

We all want to Lead. Be recognized for doing something great that inspires others to follow. Leave behind some kind of a legacy. Create wealth. Add value to our organization. Do something great that changes other's lives. Do we have a choice? Seemingly, yes.

There are so many people out there who are happy being mere spectators and critics, clapping when things go right and cursing when they don't.

 So, what if we don't lead? We end up becoming mere consumers, force-fed with whatever is offered to us. Our minds become more numb, unable to create/innovate, tamed to accept the 'status quo' as fate. Our consciousness  stops looking for a sense of purpose in whatever we do, our hearts cease to beat faster on the verge of success or failure. In short, life stops carrying any meaning and we merely 'exist'. 

So, why lead? We know that each one of us is unique, has been gifted with a unique DNA sequence and a fingerprint - so there is no one exactly like us, in the whole world - isn't that a wonderful thing? So, why did it have to happen this way? Why couldn't have there been more of our identical genetic copies that had exactly the same frame of thoughts and actions? Because, life does not touch any two people in the same manner. Because, when you say L.I.F.E, it means a product of millions of experiences, each of which happened at that one moment not replaceable by another.

But why is Leading a 'must' and not a 'should'?

 Because, to be able to make an impact of any magnitude in your lifetime, you have to undergo the process of identifying your USP, nurturing it, putting it into practice (with your inner circle of people) and finally  repeating the act for a cause larger than yourself, hoping to drive in a change. This, is the act of 'Leading Yourself'.  Leading yourself is the first step to leading others. Without Leading, life will be just status quo - a perennial comfort zone, that would become so boring that it would implode! And by deciding not to lead, you will fritter away any chance of handing over what was possible to be created/accomplished only by you. In other words, it is better to have 'tried to lead' and lost, than not to have led at all!

 Leading comes with its inherent aspects like opportunities, risks, excitement, danger, hope, possibilities, promise, which hold the key to 'Purposeful Living', that it attracts everyone. It is so powerful a phenomenon that even if there is partial or little success, the results get passed on, and from a distance it resembles a mass effort by the whole mankind in taking the civilization forward.

No matter how small and significant your role appears to be in the larger scheme of things, it is still significant, because if you do not do it today, it will take a combination of humans spread across different time zones/eras to fill the gap that could only be filled by you. Because You were the one chosen to be here and now to do what you were born to do.

 So, believe in yourself, and Lead yourself to your place in the sun!

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