Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Advanced Guide to Email Marketing for Property Management Companies

In the age of Smart-phones, social media and information overload, email is not only alive, but it's the number one channel that consumers use most and it's the number one channel they prefer to receive marketing communications from companies.

I recently co-authored a book, "The Advanced Guide to Email Marketing for Property Management Companies", with Josh Cobb of Real Estate Dynamics, where we look at many aspects of e-mail marketing - including:

  • How to generate better quality leads using inbound marketing
  • Why inbound marketing is cheaper and more effective than traditional 'push' advertising
  • Why email is critical to your inbound marketing plan
  • Strategies, content examples and ideas for generating, nurturing and converting leads
  • Technology and tools to help you manage your inbound marketing via email

Although this has been written specifically for property managers in the real estate industry, the ideas apply to all business owners.

Watch me and Josh in this conversation about the book and its ideas:

The book is now available - and it's free!


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