Thursday, April 2, 2015

Words to lead by

The slide deck below contains the key insights that have helped my clients in their own way to lead and manage remarkable businesses.

You can download the above as a PDF here, or listen to the 12 minutes and 12 seconds audio version here.

How we can work together

Because you’re a great leader wanting to be remarkable you’re already taking many wonderful actions. A key to working together therefore is agreeing on how I will best add value to, as well as integrate with, what you’re currently doing.

I work 1:many (conferences and events) + follow through with a few, 1:few (teams and peer groups) + follow through, and 1:1.

Is this you?

You have a small percentage of people bringing their best to their work every day. I refer to these people as the Happy Being Magnificent.

You have a similar small percentage of people who drive you crazy. They’re not bringing their best to their work. These people take up a lot of your time and energy. They’re disengaged, disruptive and discouraging. I refer to these people as the Happy Being Miserable.

And then you have the majority of your people who are doing their jobs, yet not consistently bringing their best to their work every day. I refer to these people as the Happy Being Mediocre.

You don’t have to be bad at leadership to get better.

Stephen C. Lundin Ph.D. Author of the five million copy best selling FISH!

While I agree with Stephen, in today’s technology driven, mobile centric, and self-centred world you have to be a remarkable leader to move up the Mediocre to Magnificent and move up or move on the Miserable.

Helping you to do the above is what I’m passionate about and really bloody good at (that’s Aussie for remarkable). It’s why I get up in the morning. Find out more here.

Be remarkable.


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