Monday, August 3, 2015

Feeling stuck or overwhelmed? Choose and take one action at a time

This weeks sparkenation.

It's easy to feel stuck and/or overwhelmed in this seemingly always on world.

Choose and take one action this week that will move you forward and then choose and act again. Embrace the science of quantum leaps.

Assuming you have products/services people want and you're well positioned in your market/s, there's really only two areas to focus on in your business in order to increase positive momentum, people and processes.

If your lacking positive momentum or want to increase it ask: How can our processes be better so that it's simpler for our people to bring their best to their work? Your processes include your policies, procedures, practices, and systems, the stuff of modern management.

Ask: How can we better inspire our people to bring their best to their work? This is the stuff of modern leadership.
Choose and take one action this week that simplifies your processes and/or inspires your people. Then choose and take action again. One quantum leap at a time is the secret to positive momentum and avoiding feeling stuck or overwhelmed.

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Be remarkable.