Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Exclusive content and opportunity for unique human to human connection

Choosing what to read, view, and listen to today can feel overwhelming. LinkedIn is now reportedly the largest publishing house on the planet. Then there’s Twitter, YouTube, millions of blogs, and a myriad of other options. I am sure that you, like me, have become very selective.

With the above in mind I’ve decided to reduce the number of my broad offerings here and elsewhere and focus on providing a select group of people with exclusive insights and opportunity for human to human connection.

Introducing Monday Morning Momentum, and Monthly People, Process, and Profit Intensives

Every Monday commencing January 4th 2016, I'll be sharing my discoveries on topics you request. Recognising you’re time poor I’ll be presenting succinct insights in 5 minutes or less via video and visual.

Each insight will be in the spirit of three concepts I have discovered with my clients are foundational to success: 
less but better, 
creating more leaders, 
and focusing on one quantum leap at a time.

Then at the end of each month via live web TV I'll engage with you in a Q&A intensive where we'll explore topics in more detail to assist you in taking action in your own way. There'll be a simple separate registration for the intensives so that you can post your questions (anonymously if you wish) in advance.

The above offering is for you should your dream in 2016 be to have a highly respected, profitable, and growing business, and still have have a vital and fulfilling personal life.

Find out more and register here. 

As soon as you register you'll be able to download my best-selling Changing What's Normal book or an alternative resource should you already have the book.

Once you've registered I'll be in touch to ask you what topics you'd love me to explore.

Best remarkable.