Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Big Deal About Big Data

The Big Deal About Big DataThere's been a lot of buzz about "big data", but there's also a lot of confusion about what it is, what it means, and whether it applies to your business or industry.

Here are some examples of Big Data in action:

  • My supermarket loyalty card allows Woolworths to track my buying habits and make specific recommendations for products based on those habits.
  • Microsoft is recommending its Kinect system, which was devised for video games, to retailers to recognise and track shoppers in retail stores.
  • The Guevara car insurance company allows groups of safe drivers to band together for lower insurance premiums.
  • "Robo-advice" in the financial planning industry allows software to create financial plans for clients - and learn from performance to deliver even better plans in the future.
  • The Alivecor device is an iPhone attachment that allows cardiac patients to take their own ECGs - and eventually the software will be able to predict heart attacks and strokes before they occur.

I covered these examples - and more - in a recent webinar, which will help you discover what you need to know now about big data to future-proof your business.

After the webinar, I asked participants "What was the most useful thing you learned today?" Here are some of their answers:

"Understanding the term Big Data"

"The extent of possible uses of Big Data"

"There isn't much we can do about the collection of so much data, so why not use what is available on the public arena, to our advantage!"

"Big data is here and we had better figure out how to work with it"

"Book: Connected"

"How technology is advancing"

"The world is heading towards Minority Report where the shops scan the shoppers and they receive targeted offers. I love it!"

"Good explanation of machine learning"

The Future Proof Webinar Series

This webinar is part of my Future Proof webinar series, which will keep you in touch with our future - what's ahead, what it means for us, and how to stay ahead of the game.

In each webinar, I'll cover an important topic about the future - for example, the shift of power to Asia, the changing workplace, healthcare technology, the shift to customer-centric business, big data, and more. This is not just theory; I'll also give you practical examples and ideas for you to future-proof your organisation, teams, and career.

Here are six compelling reasons to attend the Future Proof webinar series:

  1. You'll understand how the Internet is affecting your world, which means you can take advantage of the opportunities and avoid the risks and threats.
  2. You'll be consistently getting updates on what has changed, so you don't fall behind.
  3. You'll be learning what most of your competitors are not learning, so you get a competitive edge.
  4. You get the chance to ask me questions live on the webinar, so you get your questions answered. I won't hold anything back – I'll answer in as much detail as I can in the time available
  5. You tap into my 15+ years of experience in helping people understand the future, so you'll learn from real businesses and get practical, relevant ideas.
  6. There's some really cool stuff happening! So attend the webinar series and I'll show you what's on the horizon - for both your personal and professional life.


When you register, you'll get automatic e-mail reminders before each webinar, so you don't miss any. You're registering for the entire series, but there's no obligation to attend every webinar (of course).

Register here

(On that page, you can also see the webinar time in your own time zone)


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