Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Best Social Media Strategy For You Right Now

You might have also heard that it's becoming increasingly difficult to win the social media battle unless you have deep pockets. In fact, a client recently asked me something along those lines:

"Social media has become an incredibly overcrowded space in the last 12 months because many businesses in our industry have heeded the advice and jumped on board. There are so many competitors now on social media both growing organically and through paid advertising. Many of these companies have a lot more to invest financially and can afford to pay an agency to manage their social media for them. Smaller companies, like ours, who do not have this capacity are now watered down and social media may well become one of those tools only applicable to deliver results for the larger companies."

This is a common concern, but in fact that doesn't have to be the case. Social media allows you to level the playing field, and compete against larger companies - but only if you do it right.

Here is the world's simplest social media strategy.

Broadly, you can do three things:

The Best Social Media Strategy

I'll explain ...

  1. Comment: Start by participating, contributing only with Likes, Favorites, and comments.
  2. Curate: Set aside an hour or two each week to selectively share other people's material with your network.
  3. Create: Set aside blocks of time to create your own high-quality material and share it on social media.

By doing these three things over and over again, you'll gradually build your online network, and be seen as a credible source within your community.

Start now!

Make no mistake - getting successful on social media does take time. But it's not beyond the reach of small organisations. And just because you don't have millions of dollars to throw at it doesn't mean you can't succeed. In fact, you can often do much better because you're not relying on one-off "campaigns". Instead, you're steadily building an ongoing relationship - and that is worth much more than an advertising campaign.


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