Monday, April 4, 2016

Execution is the only way to tell that you have the right strategy

This is the fifth in a series of seven suggestions for working on yourself and on your business in order to more fully appreciate and get the best out of yourself and other people. Links to the four previous posts are below.

The Simple, Under-appreciated Power of Appreciation

An ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ is the rocket that enables lift-off from what is to what can be

Your Life Only Has One Purpose. Your Only Quest Is To Live It.

Could you describe your strategy in a sentence other people have bought into?

Execution is the only way to tell that you have the right strategy

There are 5 keys to executing strategy:
1) Role clarity
2) Every employee having their unique piece of your execution map
3) Candid and convivial communication and conversations using 1) and 2) as focusing tools
4) Adapting the 70:20:10 learning and development framework in alignment with above
5) Asking great questions - clever answers often hinder execution, whereas wise questions accelerate the process.

You'll find short videos and exercises to do with all of the above in the handbook you can download here.

Be remarkable.


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