Monday, April 11, 2016

Moving on from the myth that 'what gets measured gets done'

This is the sixth in a series of seven suggestions for working on yourself and on your business in order to more fully appreciate and get the best out of yourself and other people. Links to the five previous posts are below.

The Simple, Under-appreciated Power of Appreciation

An ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ is the rocket that enables lift-off from what is to what can be

Your Life Only Has One Purpose. Your Only Quest Is To Live It.

Could you describe your strategy in a sentence other people have bought into?

Execution is the only way to tell that you have the right strategy.

You've no doubt heard the adage 'what gets measured gets done'.

Not quite in my experience. Today if the measurements or metrics aren't meaningful for people what's needed won't get done.

In today's Monday Morning Momentum video and the update to the handbook on 'the seven areas of significance where the most successful leaders stand out' I explore ways to make measurement meaningful and therefore getting done what really matters. Everything is here.

Be remarkable.


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