Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday Morning Momentum Master-mind

Next Monday morning I'm recommencing my Monday Morning Momentum videos with the first in a series about the 8 roles appreciative leaders play remarkably well.

I'll be producing a video twice a month May through August and also providing a handbook that will be updated with each video.

For a limited number of people at both Southern and Northern hemisphere times on 8 Monday mornings May through August I'm conducting a one-time-only online master-mind group about living the 8 roles in your own best way. 

I'll also be providing 8 1:1 mentoring sessions for each participant.

Find out all about this and take up the super early-bird offer by securing your Southern hemisphere place here, and Northern here.

Super early bird offer expires at 5 pm AEST tomorrow May 3rd.

Be remarkable.


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