Friday, May 20, 2016

The Appreciative Leader Manifesto

You can download a PDF version of this manifesto for printing and signing here.

The Appreciative Leader Manifesto

I accept that simply yet profoundly by the nature of my birth that I am a remarkable one-of-a-kind human being.

I see myself and everyone else as remarkable.

Every day my primary intention is to fully appreciate and get the best out of myself and other people.

I know that by living this intention that the purpose of leadership - to create more leaders, and the number one role of leadership - unleashing and enhancing people's gifts (talents) are a natural consequence.

I know that more people leading and therefore being accountable is the simplest path to better business results at less personal cost.

I know that the more fully business owners and leaders appreciate and get the best out of ourselves and other people, the better relationships at work, at home, and in third places.

I know that the better relationships are in these three places then the better our communities, cities, states, nations, and our world can be.

I am committed to The Appreciative Leader Promise - co-creating workplaces where people feel valued, live values, and deliver value so that everyone has the opportunity to be the best version of themselves.

Be remarkable.


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