Monday, June 6, 2016

The underlying cause and solution for your 69.2% challenge

When I first met Susan (not her real name) she told me in confidence that she was sick of being ignored and that she was planning her exit from her employer (my client).

Susan, like many people I meet, was deprived of both appreciation and accountability, the underlying cause in my experience as to why 69.2% of the workforce (to use Gallup's number) is not fully engaged in their work.

Susan's boss engaged me to find out why she was disengaged. "She used to be a really great employee" he told me.

I shadowed Susan for a time and witnessed a highly competent employee passionate about her work.

I discovered it had been a very long time since she was given any kind of appreciation for her obvious value. I also discovered, that because of a mistake she made several years ago, that she hasn't been allowed to be accountable relevant to her gifts.

The pivotal role of The Appreciative Leader is both to be a mentor for the motivated and a disrupter for the demotivated. Appreciation and Accountability are central to both. This is the subject matter of today's Monday Morning Momentum video below and the update to handbook #4. You can download the handbook here.

I worked with Susan and her boss over a few weeks to disrupt some old thinking and provide some mentoring to help them to see the humanity in each other, forgive each other, and to close the door on the past. The experience was a lesson for them about the so-called 'soft stuff' that's hard in real life ... yet it yields the greatest sustainable ROI of anything you can do to boost your business.

Maybe you're wondering why some people in your workplace are disengaged. My educated guess is that a feeling of being appreciation and/or accountability deprived is at the heart of it all.

Take action today in your own best way. You don't want the Susan's of this world working for your competitors right? Begin here.

Be remarkable.

It's not a question of what I should do but who should I be.

PS Personal and Business Development Opportunities

1) Following the success of last week's Appreciative Leader Accelerator I've decided to conduct this complimentary event every 4th Monday. Details of the 27th June gathering are here.

2) The Appreciative Leader Online Master-mind is a one-time-only opportunity. Details are here.


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